Willow is the Shape Shifter of the Ravenheart herd. Generally, she is a wise, loving, sensitive and sweet little mare, the shy one of the herd, but ask her to do something she’s not ready to do and she’ll show you her “teenage boy” side.

A recent workshop participant intuited her “real” name to be Rockstar! Brownie is the quiet observer. She connects strongly to people who are sad and grieving, or who need a little love and nurturing in their lives. She also loves a good hug. A quote from a participant captures her intuitive nature.

Willow (aka Brownie) came to Ravenheart along with our sweet Lacey, from an elderly gentleman named Cliff in the Quill Lake area in Saskatchewan when he became too ill to care for them any longer.

I don’t know about the others, but Willow said to me, through Carol’s interpretation, let it go and let it be. Willow sensed in me a great tension in my body. Perhaps, my dear, she said, you need to stop being so haughty. You’re not fooling anyone, certainly not me. Just be yourself – let go, let God, and then you will see…”