What Ravenheart Means to My Heart

Sugar and Polly

Sugar and Polly

Over two half years ago, I spoke with a very caring & compassionate woman over the phone. She listened to my grief and my desire to move beyond my grief. I also expressed my heart–felt dreams of working with horses and healing.

One beautiful, sunny morning, I began a new journey of self–discovery and inspiration to go on with life. I met Carol for the very first time and her extraordinary, troop of horses.

I was able to share my grief for the loss of my husband in a very safe haven.My first time in the round pen, was with Carol´s mare; “Sugar”. Such a sweet mare, that hovered around me and said to me in her horse-way. “you are safe here”. Many times, over the last couple of years I have gone to Sugar with all that I feel.

She has never let me down and has continued to listen to all that is within me.Over time, my desire to leave my career at the newspaper grew stronger and stronger. September of 2008, left my job as a newspaper manager and packed my bags, leaving my former life behind.

I moved to Prince Albert to obtain my first level in Equine Assisted Learning.I eventually moved to Humboldt, Sk, January 31 of 2009. My desire was and still is to work with Carol at Ravenheart farms and work with children and adults that also need that safe haven to flourish and grow.