Rosie joined our family of 4-legged friends in the spring of 2019. She had just turned 7 months old and had been raised or fostered by our local vet tech, along with her sisters Violet and Daisy, for Paws & Claws Animal Rescue. She is part Shepherd and Pyrenees, and who knows what else. Tall and lanky, fast and clumsy, as she grows into her legs and ears, she is a very good girl. As I write this on February 20, 2021, we are celebrating her 2nd Birthday.


Rosie is friendly, loyal, discerning, and very good with the horses. She plays a bit rough with the cats who keep a safe distance, yet not at all aggressive with them.

She is a good farm dog who sticks very close to home, loves the couch, eats horse poop, and barks her warnings as necessary. She greets everyone who comes to Ravenheart with a little cautious discernment at first, and then friendly exuberance. Her silly ears land in many positions throughout the day.