Ravenheart – Song

By Andy & Cathy McAnally

Friends gather here and pause
Take in the sacred country charm
Cast your doubts away at Ravenheart Farms
Feel safe, feel wanted, at Ravenheart

And when you go to Ravenheart

Equine delights unfold

Let the horses heal your troubled soul
Feel safe, feel wanted, at Ravenheart

ChorusWhere Mystics go when the full moon shines
With the healing horses we’ll spend our time
at Ravenheart
We’ll gather there with likewise minds
And open our awareness to the Divine
at Ravenheart

She has a vision she wants to share
Feel the love and feel the care
While gathering in the moonlights glare
Feel safe, feel wanted at Ravenheart

Ravenheart is calling me, it’s calling me
Horses don’t judge or presume
So we’ll gather there at the next full moon
Feel Safe, Feel Wanted at Ravenheart