Starstruck Retreat

Starstruck Retreat
TBA 2022

All-inclusive Women’s Reading Retreat and Campout

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Imagine being able to spend a weekend immersed in nature, reading your favourite books without distractions, and spend evenings in the company of like-minded women at fireside gatherings.

This country retreat s for women looking for an effortless and enjoyable wellness retreat where everything is taken care of for you.

Ravenheart Registration Form

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What is your experience with horses?

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About your payment:

Full payment and completed registration form will hold your space for the workshop or retreat.  You will receive 10% off when you register one month prior to the date of the workshop or retreat!

In the event a workshop is cancelled, you will be refunded full price minus a $25 administration fee.

What to bring for your workshop:
  • dress casually and include layers for being outdoors
    wear sturdy shoes for walking and being around the horses, (no open-toe sandals, soft shoes, dawgs etc. around the horses)
    bring sunscreen/bug spray
  • For Horses, Spirit, & Play workshops, please bring along a favourite piece of music (CD or tape).
Arranging your accommodation:

Limited accommodation is available in our three rustic, cozy log cabins which sleep 2 people per cabin.

  • $50.00 per night, including breakfast for workshop participants
  • $75.00 per night if not during a workshop
  • If you have any questions or require further information, please phone Carol at (306) 542-3557.
What is Equine-Assisted Learning?

Equine-Assisted Learning is a powerful and effective experiential learning approach that engages fun and interactive exercises with horses to promote personal growth and well-being for all ages. The horses are our partners and guides in learning, assisting us in finding balance and awareness for our body, mind & spirit. Through Equine-Assisted and experiential learning sessions, our horses can help guide you in discovering practical life tools and strategies to enhance your self-awareness, change your limiting beliefs, for personal growth and transformation through Awareness – Alignment – Action.

Why Use Horses for Healing?
  • Horses are helpful for self-development and personal growth, healing, grief, relationships, team-building, recovery, and learning.
  • Horses are naturally highly aware of their environment and to anyone or anything in it, including people, animals, the weather, traffic, etc.
  • For their own safety, and the safety of their herd mates, they are highly aware of body language, feelings, and emotions.
  • Through specific exercises, careful observation, witnessing, a safe, respectful, and highly supportive environment, and an opportunity to be in a natural outdoor setting, participants can gain awareness and a deeper understanding of their patterns, struggles, and challenges, and learn new skills and coping abilities.
  • Beyond the classroom, counselling office, or boardroom, horse facilitated sessions and activities provide people with opportunities to discover and develop their potential to thrive and reach their best potential.
What is the Role of the Horse?

We don’t ride the horses

  • It is not just for horse people, but for everyone – no experience necessary
  • It is not about learning about horses, or horsemanship
  • You don’t “love” horses, that’s ok. Horses don’t care and yet they can still help you love yourself
  • Oh, yes, what about FEAR?
    • Fear is real, and horses are large, flighty animals. It is good to have a healthy fear, and a beginners' mind too! We are mindful of wherever you are on the fear scale, and modify sessions to help everyone feel safe and comfortable, including the horses
What Happens in a Session, Workshop or Retreat?

All sessions take place on the ground (no mounted exercises), with a certified equine-assisted learning facilitator and horse specialist, along with one or more appropriate horses or ponies.

Sessions are designed and customized to the unique needs of the individual participants and/or goals of the group or organization.

Sessions may include exercises with the horses at liberty (no halters, lead ropes, tethering), or using lead ropes, halters, and specific equipment like poles, pylons, and other obstacles that the horses are lead through or encouraged to navigate based on the structure of the exercise.

Some of the work we do with the horses and participants involves body, emotion, and mind awareness through reflective sessions, journaling, body scans, and grounding.

How do I Participate?
  • An outdoor, nature-based model that takes you out of your head and into your body
  • An opportunity to become aware of patterns that are no longer serving you
  • A safe, respectful environment to learn new life skills and tools through the feedback the horses can provide
  • Aha moments of awareness and breakthroughs in as little as one EAL session

We interact with horses, mostly at liberty:

  • This means without tack/equipment/tethering
  • This offers an opportunity to connect in a natural and authentic way.
  • Horses can mirror our strengths, challenges, fears, and authentic expression.
  • Horses help us bring focus and attention to the present moment.
  • Engaging with horses requires clear and consistent communication.
  • Nervous or afraid of horses? That’s ok.
  • Sessions can be designed so that participants can benefit from the other side of the fence!
What if I'm Nervous around Horses?

I’m nervous around horses, and they scare me.  Can I still benefit?
Yes you can!
At Ravenheart, we make every effort to ensure that everyone feels safe and respected (yes, the horses too!), right where you are, while helping you recognize and break through old patterns.
Sessions can be done “over the fence” without close contact with horses, until you are ready to move through your fear.
Previous horse experience is not required, and there is no riding involved.

Can I still Benefit if I'm Experienced with Horses?

Yes, we are sure you will!

In fact, you are already familiar with the kind of feedback horses can offer you.

You understand that horses can “feel” everything when you are interacting with them.

An experience of EAL may deepen your knowledge and appreciation of just how this non-traditional way of being with horses can be, and show you how you might view and understand horses at an even deeper level.

What Should I Wear around Horses?

Plan on getting a little bit grubby!

Horses are like that.

♥ Dress very casually, in layers for the weather, comfortable clothing that you are OK getting dusty or stained.

♥ Wear comfortable shoes or boots, and be prepared for Saskatchewan weather changes. It may start out cool in the morning, and then be very hot and sunny in the afternoon. It may rain, or become cold or snowy, depending on the season.

♥ Wear sturdy runners, hiking boots, or sturdier footwear, thinking about uneven ground, mud, and other “horsey” contributions. Please don’t wear soft or open-toed shoes, sandals, dawgs, etc.
♥ For your comfort, please bring a sun hat, rain gear, rubber boots, bug spray, and sunscreen – all depending on the season and the weather!