Life Coaching with Carol

What is Life Coaching?

A good time to engage a life coach is when you need someone to listen to you, help clarify your options, and offer you tools and resources for your journey.

Together we’ll explore opportunities to improve your love relationships, marriage, career, family life, heal through loss and grief, and support you in moving through other life hurdles and challenges. Coaching is an investment you make in yourself to create the life you truly want! Through one-on-one sessions, you and your coach explore strategies for change that feel right to you.

Our approach draws on your own self-awareness and inner wisdom, and we use solid, practical coaching tools and exercises (with or without our horses) to help you access your intuitive wisdom and move toward the life you choose. Coaching isn’t about giving you advice or providing the answers for you. It is about listening, guiding, and helping you see, and realize your best life and highest potential.

Our coaching sessions can be conducted wherever you are in the world – as we can connect through Skype or by phone!

Life Coaching may help you when:

  • Your relationship isn’t fulfilling, or you want to “call the one” in
  • You are facing a major change in your life, or need to make an important decision
  • You feel unfulfilled in your current work or life situation
  • You feel “stuck” in moving toward your dreams
  • You want to get to know yourself better, discover, and take action towards creating your dreams
  • You are experiencing grief through the loss of a loved one, relationship, beloved pet or other loss

Guiding and Supporting Your Life’s Journey

Why might you want to hire a life coach?

  • To move ahead personally and professionally
  • To help you navigate change and loss
  • To learn strategies and tools to give you more confidence and peace of mind
  • To find a method that works to help you in setting and achieving your goals
  • To receive open, direct, honest feedback (this is especially effective with the help of the horses) that is constructive and respectful
  • To learn how to identify and correct negative beliefs and habits that sabotage your success
  • To identify your strengths and minimize weaknesses
  • To keep you focused and moving toward your life goals and overcome obstacles

Are you experiencing a life change or transition or seeking a deeper sense of purpose and meaning? Are you wishing you could let go of old patterns and habits? Would you like to feel more centred, present, and aware?

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding some time to focus on yourself can be difficult.  There may be emotional or practical aspects that you need to sort through.  It may be that you have some great ideas about where you want to go in life or who you want to go there with, but just haven’t had the time to think about it or talk it through with someone.  You might feel a bit stuck in a rut and need someone to support you and to get you moving.

Our coaching programs with horses can help you experience a deeper connection to yourself and others through gaining an understanding of how you are “showing up” in life, your relationships, your workplace, and family.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Sessions and Pricing:

Each coaching session is approximately one hour during which we work flexibly toward your goals. Coaching packages include a follow-up connection between sessions.

If you would like to see if coaching is right for you, I invite you to book a FREE 1/2 hour consultation [email protected], no strings attached.

This is our opportunity to get acquainted, for me to explain my process, for you to decide if this coaching is right for you, and for both of us to decide to work together in a coach/client capacity.

Take your first step towards your best life! Call or email me today at (306) 542-3557 or [email protected]

Single Sessions – $75/Session
A single, stand-alone session may be ideal to help you gain clarity and focus about a specific situation. Perhaps you simply need a listening ear to work through an issue or be supported in a difficult time.

Package Options & savings:
Flexible packages allow you to move forward at the pace you choose.

2 sessions – $135
3 sessions – $210
4 sessions  – $275

The story behind the name Raven Horse Wisdom Life Coaching?

This name came to me not long after my beloved 22 year old Welsh Cob, Raven, passed away. He had been a significant “teacher” since the day he came into my life when he was 7 years old. Raven had experienced trauma at the hands of a rough trainer, so I needed to find a way to work with him and gain his trust. Although I thought that I was teaching him along the way, he was really teaching me. He led me to explore and discover new, positive, and gentle ways of training and being with horses. His fear challenged me to become more self-aware and congruent while working with him. Along the way, I found so many wonderful teachers, and became a certified Equine Assisted Learning Specialist. Raven worked with many individuals and groups at Ravenheart Farms, and he was a brilliant, trust-worthy, dedicated, and connected teacher, especially with youth at risk. A young artist, Vanessa Bachynsky, inspired the Raven Horse Wisdom logo of a winged horse. Raven has surely earned his angel wings!


Are you ready to…

  • Discover what it is that inspires meaning and passion for you?
  • Awaken your inner spark and experience life in a whole new vibrant way?
  • Step out of your comfort zone and into the energy of YES!?
  • Tap into the infinite possibilities in your life, unleash your dreams and ignite your creative spirit?
  • Enhance your overall well-being, create more vitality, experience more ease and freedom in your life?
  • Navigate loss, grief, change, challenges and transition with ease, comfort and grace?

Then You Are In The Right Place!

As your personal life coach, I will support you in creating accountability for your dreams and goals, and help you identify areas in your life that are holding you back. Areas may include relationships, prosperity, career, health and spirituality, or any area you would like to focus on. Coaching sessions available by phone, Skype, email and in person at Ravenheart Farms near Kamsack, SK.

Carol Marriott is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, Reiki practitioner, Voice Dialogue facilitator, and owner of Ravenheart Farms Equine Assisted Learning Centre & Retreat. Her passion is awakening hearts and inspiring potential.