Majestic Freya

Freya is a beautiful animal. The way she gently walks, almost majestically. She has an attractively beautiful face and head. Surprisingly, she is close to the bottom of the pecking order among the horses – I have never seen Freya bully or nip another horse, ever. She takes time to warm to men, which I was told about at the beginning. It is tempting to want to go over to Freya and just shower her in hugs. But, as with humans, we have to respect the feelings and also fears of our fellow Earth inhabitants, be they two- or four-legged, so it is important to give Freya her space, especially as a man, so that she can get accustomed to you, feel your energy and notice that you mean her no harm. She may have had a negative experience with a previous owner so it is important to respect her boundaries. Just because we want to hug her, it does not mean that it is reciprocal.

Freya's Forelock

Freya’s Forelock

So here again the lesson is not to take it personally, respect other people’s boundaries and when Freya breaks the ice with you, you will be amazed what a loving and beautiful soul she is. After a few days of patience and leaving her to check me out, she started to approach me of her own accord. All I did was consciously send out my intent to connect with her, without any body language pressure for her to be intimidated by, and she accepted my invitation. She regularly approaches me, does not stay very long if I start to stroke her, but she still keeps on coming back. “Slowly, slowly, one step at a time” seems to be the message for us here.


Freya Watching