Equine Assisted Learning

Horses Lift Your Spirit Naturally

An Experience of Discovery

Equine-Assisted Learning is a powerful and effective experiential learning approach that engages intuitive and interactive exercises with horses to promote personal growth and well-being for all ages. The horses are our partners and guides in learning, assisting us in finding balance and awareness for our body, mind & spirit.

“If you visit Ravenheart Farms, I suspect you will have your own unique experience of healing and epiphany.   I wish that for you and for all seekers who happen upon this very special place.”

Lynn Palmer

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Make New Connections

Through equine-assisted and experiential learning sessions, our horses can help guide you in discovering effective life tools and strategies to enhance your self-awareness, change your limiting beliefs, for personal growth and transformation through Awareness – Alignment – Action.

Increase Confidence

Horses help us bring focus and attention to the present moment.

Engaging with horses requires clear and consistent communication.

Horses pick up on our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours and they respond to these when we interact with them.

With the help of an equine-assisted learning facilitator, being with horses can help us understand ourselves better and gain valuable insights inspiring change…

Foster Teamwork

  • An outdoor, nature-based model that takes you out of your head and into your body

  • An opportunity to become aware of patterns that are no longer serving you

  • We offer a safe, respectful environment

  • Learn new life skills and tools through the feedback the horses can provide
  • Aha moments of awareness and breakthroughs can be in as little as one EAL session
  • There are various types of activities
  • Join in collaborative tasks with other participants
  • Align with your goals
  • Build effective working relationships
  • Find clarity

Carol Marriott

Carol is a Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, Certified Life Coach, Voice Dialogue facilitator and Reiki Practitioner.

Learning programs and sessions are available for your organization, teen & youth groups, residential programs, veterans, and seniors, that are leading-edge, effective and innovative.

We Believe ... everyone can achieve their highest potential

We welcome those who want to learn in a safe, welcoming and caring space.

All our programs are delivered by caring and empathetic leaders, who will guide you and support you through the program. We use a variety of fun, engaging, and reflective activities with our horses, which are facilitated in a gentle,  respectful way.

We enjoy delivering our programs to individuals,  families,  groups or staff teams. Anyone can participate, and no previous horse experience is necessary and no horse riding is involved.

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