harlie has been the very best friend for 14 years. Our friend Christine was visiting Ravenheart shortly after I moved to the original Ravenheart Farms in 2007. It was a Sunday morning and we were enjoying a quiet winter day with coffee and friendship, and Christine was reading the small rural newspaper called the Humboldt Journal. With excitement she read me an ad in the classified that said Free Bichon/Poodle/Border Collie puppies to good homes. We jumped up, called the number, and jumped in the car and headed towards a small village called Guernsey and picked up the most adorable pup in the world, Charlie and drove home with him cuddled on Christine’s lap. Just as we were arriving home after the 40 minute drive, Charlie initiated Auntie Christine by throwing up on her lap.

Charlie is smart, cheeky, loving, and a devoted friend. He and sweet 6 month old Polly bonded quickly and enjoyed many years together. One summer day Charlie kept coming to us though the dog door and barking, then going back out. This was odd. I went out to see what he was up to and he led me towards the woods where I found Polly stuck in an old building. She had been able to push the boards inward, but wasn’t able to get out. Charlie was letting us know!