By Karry Ann Nunn

What do you do when you own a wonderfully natured horse named Raven, who is close to unrideable due to the harsh training he had received before he came to live with you?

If you are Carol Marriott, and you have a kind heart and a love for horses and people, you start you very own Ravenheart Farms Equine Assisted Learning Centre & Retreat.

Carol knew that horses have more uses than just riding. She could see that horses have a lot to offer and have a unique way of understanding what people need, sometimes before the people themselves can. Horses live in the moment They don’t bother with the past hurts or worry about what the future might bring. When people spend time with the gentle animals in their own environment and slow ourselves down to the pace of a horse, they are able to dig a little deeper into their hidden parts and see things in a different manner. Horses seem to have an intuition to know just what a person needs and one can come away with a different perspective on life. All by spending a little therapy time with a horse.

Carol saw an opportunity to inspire people to realize their greatness, open their hearts, guide them in the discovery of their highest potential, and provide a place of healing, growth, and spiritual awakening through Equine Assisted Learning/Experiential workshops.
Kamsack is lucky to have Carol bring her wonderful EAL business to the area. She is excited to be able to share her experiences and her horses in workshops. People of all ages and experience are welcome. Since these workshops don’t involve riding the horse, there is no need to have any riding experience to enjoy the wise, quiet wisdom of the horses.