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About your deposit:

A non-refundable** $25 deposit (refunded if we cancel the workshop), along with a completed registration form will hold a space for you. Some workshops will require payment prior to the workshop day, and others can be paid on the start day of a workshop, based on your deposit. You’ll receive 10% off when you register one month prior to the workshop date!

What to bring for your workshop:
  • dress casually and include layers for being outdoors
    wear sturdy shoes for walking and being around the horses, (no open toe sandals, soft shoes, dawgs etc. around the horses)
    bring sunscreen/bug spray
  • For Horses, Spirit, & Play workshops, please bring along a favourite piece of music (CD or tape).
Arranging your accommodation:

Limited accommodation is available in our three rustic, cozy log cabins which sleeps 2 people per cabin.

  • $35.00 per night, including breakfast for workshop participants
  • $50.00 per night if not during a workshop
  • If you have any questions or require further information, please phone Carol at (306) 542-3557.

Miriam Scuka

Miriam Scuka

Miriam has worked as a Physiotherapist since 1992 and Certified BodyTalk practitioner since 2009.  Miriam works with multidisciplinary teams both in the hospital and in private practice. Now her team will consist of Carol Marriott and the animals at Ravenheart Farms. Her wish is to introduce many more people to the wonders of BodyTalk, the healing powers of the body, and the importance of self-care. Her goal is to help others achieve optimal wellness, reduce stress, and empower them to take charge of their health. To date she has completed BodyTalk Fundamentals (Mod 1/2), Principles of Consciousness (mod 3), Bio- Dynamics (mod 4/7), Macrocosmic Body/Mind (mod 6), Matrix Dynamics (mod 9), Orthopedic evaluation, Structural Integration, Breakthrough, Mindscape and Advanced Mindscape. Other modalities include Craniosacral Therapy (level 1 and 2) and Myofascial Release. You can contact Miriam below: Phone: 306 244-7004

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Accommodation at Ravenheart

dreams cabin

Dreams Cabin

Space is available for 3-6 participants based on individual or if desired, shared accommodation.

Our cabins have 1 queen and 1 single so shared accommodation is possible for friends and/or couples.

If you wish to stay overnight, three rustic log cabins (each cabin can accommodate 2 people) and camping is available. Cabins are comfortably furnished with towels and bedding, kettle, coffee maker and microwave. To stay in a cabin costs $50.00/night and RV or tent camping is $25.00/night (electricity available).

dreams cabin interior

Dreams Cabin interior

Cabins have electricity and outhouse facilities. Shower facilities in main house.

We have three rustic cabins and ample space for camping – all ready for you to enjoy a Ravenheart Retreat.

dreams cabin interior

Dreams Cabin Interior



Ravenheart Organic Garden

Ravenheart Organic Garden

We offer a variety of mainly vegetarian meals during our retreats and workshops.  At Ravenheart we believe in the importance of nourishing food and so, where possible, use organic or locally sourced produce.

garden and watering can

Garden and watering can

We do our best to provide organic and locally sourced ingredients for our tasty meals.  At Ravenheart we believe in the importance of nourishing food and so, where possible, use organic or locally sourced produce.  Dietary requests will be accommodated – such as vegan, gluten-free, allergy concerns, and will be willingly and creatively prepared.

Ravenheart Garden Abundance

Payment Options

Workshop Payment Options

Payment options include cheque (made payable to Ravenheart Farms), medical or via PayPal, rx or email transfer.

Please mail cheques to: Ravenheart Farms, Box 278, Kamsack, SK S0A 1S0 or email


Ravenheart Organic Garden

OFFICE:  306-542-3557 office

MOBILE: 306-590-8257 mobile


Please note: Enjoy a 10% discount when you register for any workshop one month prior to the workshop date. A $25 non-refundable payment is required when you register for a workshop (of course this is refundable if Ravenheart cancels the workshop or event), and this $25 is deducted from your workshop amount when you make the final payment. Payment plans available upon request.

Life Coaching with Carol

Life Coaching with Carol

What is Life Coaching?

A good time to engage a life coach is when you need someone to listen to you, help clarify your options, and offer you tools and resources for your journey.

Together we’ll explore opportunities to improve your love relationships, marriage, career, family life, heal through loss and grief, and support you in moving through other life hurdles and challenges. Coaching is an investment you make in yourself to create the life you truly want! Through one-on-one sessions, you and your coach explore strategies for change that feel right to you.

Our approach draws on your own self-awareness and inner wisdom, and we use solid, practical coaching tools and exercises (with or without our horses) to help you access your intuitive wisdom and move toward the life you choose. Coaching isn’t about giving you advice or providing the answers for you. It is about listening, guiding, and helping you see, and realize your best life and highest potential.

Our coaching sessions can be conducted wherever you are in the world – as we can connect through Skype or by phone!

Life Coaching may help you when:

  • Your relationship isn’t fulfilling, or you want to “call the one” in
  • You are facing a major change in your life, or need to make an important decision
  • You feel unfulfilled in your current work or life situation
  • You feel “stuck” in moving toward your dreams
  • You want to get to know yourself better, discover, and take action towards creating your dreams
  • You are experiencing grief through the loss of a loved one, relationship, beloved pet or other loss

Guiding and Supporting Your Life’s Journey

Why might you want to hire a life coach?

  • To move ahead personally and professionally
  • To help you navigate change and loss
  • To learn strategies and tools to give you more confidence and peace of mind
  • To find a method that works to help you in setting and achieving your goals
  • To receive open, direct, honest feedback (this is especially effective with the help of the horses) that is constructive and respectful
  • To learn how to identify and correct negative beliefs and habits that sabotage your success
  • To identify your strengths and minimize weaknesses
  • To keep you focused and moving toward your life goals and overcome obstacles

Are you experiencing a life change or transition or seeking a deeper sense of purpose and meaning? Are you wishing you could let go of old patterns and habits? Would you like to feel more centred, present, and aware?

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding some time to focus on yourself can be difficult.  There may be emotional or practical aspects that you need to sort through.  It may be that you have some great ideas about where you want to go in life or who you want to go there with, but just haven’t had the time to think about it or talk it through with someone.  You might feel a bit stuck in a rut and need someone to support you and to get you moving.

Our coaching programs with horses can help you experience a deeper connection to yourself and others through gaining an understanding of how you are “showing up” in life, your relationships, your workplace, and family.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Sessions and Pricing:

Each coaching session is approximately one hour during which we work flexibly toward your goals. Coaching packages include a follow-up connection between sessions.

If you would like to see if coaching is right for you, I invite you to book a FREE 1/2 hour consultation, no strings attached.

This is our opportunity to get acquainted, for me to explain my process, for you to decide if this coaching is right for you, and for both of us to decide to work together in a coach/client capacity.

Take your first step towards your best life! Call or email me today at (306) 542-3557 or

Single Sessions – $75/Session
A single, stand-alone session may be ideal to help you gain clarity and focus about a specific situation. Perhaps you simply need a listening ear to work through an issue or be supported in a difficult time.

Package Options & savings:
Flexible packages allow you to move forward at the pace you choose.

2 sessions – $135
3 sessions – $210
4 sessions  – $275

The story behind the name Raven Horse Wisdom Life Coaching?

This name came to me not long after my beloved 22 year old Welsh Cob, Raven, passed away. He had been a significant “teacher” since the day he came into my life when he was 7 years old. Raven had experienced trauma at the hands of a rough trainer, so I needed to find a way to work with him and gain his trust. Although I thought that I was teaching him along the way, he was really teaching me. He led me to explore and discover new, positive, and gentle ways of training and being with horses. His fear challenged me to become more self-aware and congruent while working with him. Along the way, I found so many wonderful teachers, and became a certified Equine Assisted Learning Specialist. Raven worked with many individuals and groups at Ravenheart Farms, and he was a brilliant, trust-worthy, dedicated, and connected teacher, especially with youth at risk. A young artist, Vanessa Bachynsky, inspired the Raven Horse Wisdom logo of a winged horse. Raven has surely earned his angel wings!


Are you ready to…

  • Discover what it is that inspires meaning and passion for you?
  • Awaken your inner spark and experience life in a whole new vibrant way?
  • Step out of your comfort zone and into the energy of YES!?
  • Tap into the infinite possibilities in your life, unleash your dreams and ignite your creative spirit?
  • Enhance your overall well-being, create more vitality, experience more ease and freedom in your life?
  • Navigate loss, grief, change, challenges and transition with ease, comfort and grace?

Then You Are In The Right Place!

As your personal life coach, I will support you in creating accountability for your dreams and goals, and help you identify areas in your life that are holding you back. Areas may include relationships, prosperity, career, health and spirituality, or any area you would like to focus on. Coaching sessions available by phone, Skype, email and in person at Ravenheart Farms near Kamsack, SK.

Carol Marriott is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, Reiki practitioner, Voice Dialogue facilitator, and owner of Ravenheart Farms Equine Assisted Learning Centre & Retreat. Her passion is awakening hearts and inspiring potential.

Wounded Healers – Finding Our Sacred Paths Together

Wounded Healers – Finding Our Sacred Paths Together

By Carol Marriott (reprinted from WHOLifE Journal)

“The Wounded Healer is initiated into the art of healing through some form of personal hardship–anything from an actual physical injury or illness to the loss of all one’s earthly possessions. If you have successfully completed the initiation, you inevitably experience an exceptional healing, and a path of service seems to be divinely provided shortly after the initiation is complete. ”

~ Carolyn Myss, Sacred Contracts

While attending a women’s circle in Calgary, Alberta, I met Jane, a woman who shared my passion for horses. She invited me to come out to her farm to meet her beloved old mare and the new additions to her herd.

After meeting her mare and new horse Arthur, my friend introduced me to Arthur’s younger brother Sammy, a seven-year-old Welsh Pony of Cob type. She told me that this horse needed someone to gain back his trust of people. He needed to be gently cared for, brushed, walked, and nurtured, and thought I would be the right person to bring him along.

Sammy responded to my quiet approach and gentle handling. I spent hours sitting on the grass as he grazed beside me. We walked all over the small town close to the farm, getting him used to cars, people, and the various sights and sounds. We played in the round pen and practiced the Parelli method of training where the focus is on love, language, and leadership.

Although I had been horse crazy all my life and had taken many years of riding lessons, I had never cared for my own horse. Through my friend I learned a new way of being with horses. A gentler, kinder way. I watched as she rode her sweet old mare without saddle or bridle, as she jumped over poles and galloped in the fields. I learned to hold the lead rope as if I was leading butterflies. I learned about asking, respect, and release. I had been reading about horses all my life and I had learned many good and important things, but I hadn’t learned that there was a way to work with horses that wasn’t driven by control, submission, and pain.

"Sammy" becoming Raven

“Sammy” becoming Raven

She began suggesting that maybe I would like to buy Sammy. She mentioned this each time I came to the farm and I always said I couldn’t afford a horse. One evening she invited me for dinner and made a list of the costs required to keep a horse. Then she said, “I’ll sell him to you for a dollar!”

Although it was a life-long dream to have a horse of my own, I still couldn’t see how it could happen at this time in my life. I lived in the city. It wasn’t even part of my consciousness that I could afford the care for a horse. I had all kinds of reasons that made it seem impossible. Then one Saturday morning as I was driving to work, I had an awakening. I was listening to the late mystic John O’Donohue reading from his book Anam Cara, A Book of Celtic Wisdom. His gentle, wise, and comforting voice was my companion on this gorgeous Alberta morning and I felt a deep sense of well-being and joy as I drove through the beautiful countryside.

It was in that moment of blissful reverie that his words went right to my heart. I cannot remember his exact words, but it had to do with living our passions, following our heart, and not ignoring the messages from our souls, but embracing them. I felt a “swoosh” through my body.

Raven in the Light

Raven in the Light

I arrived at the book store where I worked part-time and went straight to the phone and called my friend. The deal was made. I paid her a dollar and she wrote up a receipt. Mine to care for now, it seemed to me that this sensitive little horse needed a stronger name. He was a survivor. He was a teacher. And he was intelligent and wise. I named him Raven.

Well-meaning people did try to convince me to sell him and buy a horse I could ride. The truth is, they couldn’t understand why I would want to keep a horse that was aloof, untrusting, and seemingly unfriendly. Occasionally I would get frustrated and wonder why I would choose this experience. I would feel sorry for myself and wonder why all these people had horses they could ride who were friendly and easy-going. And I doubted my abilities as a horse woman, and worried that I was keeping Raven from reaching his full potential.

When Raven was about 14 years old, I met a horse woman who profoundly changed my approach and understanding of horses. Her name is Barbra-Ann King, author of Opening Consciousness with Relationship Riding.

Barbra-Ann allowed me to see that Raven was not a victim to be pitied and coddled. Instead he was a horse to be admired and respected for his depth of heart, courage, sensitivity, and wisdom. She taught me how to “listen” to him, and to give him his “space”. As I stood with her beside Raven, tears streaming down my face, she gently explained with compassion and gentleness, that the saddle I was using didn’t fit him properly. She also explained said that like some people, he wasn’t comfortable with a lot of touching. As I stood there crying, Raven started to lick, chew, yawn, blink rapidly, and his head dropped low. He sighed, groaned, and released as Barbra-Ann continued to speak for him. On that day I changed how I viewed Raven. I promised to touch him only when necessary, for grooming, foot care, emergencies, etc. I saw him in a new light.

Now Raven is the herd boss at Ravenheart, my little farm in Saskatchewan. He protects his herd of mares in a loving, firm, but gentle way. He exhibits all the qualities of a great leader, and if he was a wild stallion, I know his wisdom, sensitivity, and courage would keep his herd safe.

Raven and I have found our path together. Through Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) we work with people to guide them in awakening to their greatness… whole, equal, and wise beings who, like Raven and I, are seeking wise, understanding, and gentle guides to help us access our own wisdom on the road to awakening.

The Peace of Ravenheart

By Lynne Palmer

 If you are looking for a five-star resort with room service, viagra a hot tub and entertainment in a late-night cocktail lounge…then don’t go to Ravenheart Farms.  If you are looking for something else, prostate something you perhaps can’t quite put your finger on, then keep reading.

Kitty and Mystic

What I find at Ravenheart is – in a word – peace.  Not just the peace of a quiet – almost silent – setting miles away from the chaos of the city (although that is what Ravenheart offers); not just the peace of prairie farmland, rich black soil, soft crops rippling in the breeze like an ocean and a sky as vast as your imagination; not just the peace of exquisite hummingbirds flitting from flower to flower, or thousands of snow geese rising in unison from the golden stubble of an autumn field; not just the peace of an old owl calling eerily from the protective shelter belt of native trees and shrubs that has embraced this land for generations.

What I find at Ravenheart is all that …and more. What I find is peace of spirit, a deep, transformational peace that comes only from feeling connected to source.  I felt it the first time I visited, that winter night walking along the access road, the crisp crunch of dry snow breaking an almost unbearable silence and air so sharp it pierced my lungs with every breath. I felt it as I marvelled at the intensity of stars in the immense black winter night sky.  And I feel it during each subsequent visit as I listen to the meditative rhythm of horses munching sweet hay, as I “work”, cleaning paddocks, digging vegetables, preparing food. I feel it as I sit next to my friend Carol Marriott (who created this amazing retreat) sharing tea from thick pottery mugs, laughing and crying and knowing.

Life at Ravenheart is full of simplicity, but it is not simple. It is harmonious and harsh all at once.  It is, after all, a farm. The blizzard winds blow and the horses still need to be fed.  Another barn cat dies from trauma … from the coyote, the hawk, the owl?  The water trough freezes, the insects bite, the weeds grow, the mud in the paddock turns horse hooves into suction cups.  And yet…there is peace… uncommon and indescribable.

Ravenheart Prayer Flags

Is it the old farmhouse, cosy, creaky, comforting? Does it flow from the meditation altar in my friend’s living room… the small stones lovingly collected and placed gently around bundles of sweetgrass, Buddhist bells, crystals? Is it the prayer flags, the books by spiritual teachers, the aromatic oils, the deck after deck of inspirational healing cards that we pull to receive simple wisdom?  Or is it the vibration of place, an energy we can’t begin to understand rippling from this land, this perfect space….in the middle of …nowhere… Saskatchewan.

I don’t know exactly why or how Ravenheart brings me to this deep place of connection and serenity.  I don’t need to know.  Ravenheart simply is, for me, a place of healing… a place of reflection, discovery, laughter, tears, letting go, absorbing, breaking through and “being” at peace…

If you visit Ravenheart Farms, I suspect you will have your own unique experience of healing and epiphany. I wish that for you and for all seekers who happen upon this very special place.

Primal Fire

Primal Fire

Primal Fire Circle with Sugar

During my participation at Primal Fire and Horses, Spirit and Play I witnessed Carol being a careful facilitator of the exercises in which they use the horses and all other equipment and workshop space.

With Carol’s leadership and guidance, full instructions are given so every being is safe during the drills. Carol has many years of experience with horses and I feel that she knows her herd well enough that if there was a chance of danger, she could sense that.Carol allows the people to learn from their experiences at the farm and she has grace and tact when it comes time to have the participants identify their own information from what the exercises just showed them. She can use her intuitiveness to her advantage while the exercises are being performed and she is always willing to allow spirit to guide her which provides flexibility in the day.

Carol with the Ravenheart Banner

My experience with Carol is always inspiring as she leads with her heart to teach the ones who stand in her presence. She is an exceptional listener which is needed in order to help others learn their own language.Carol has always been the grounding presence for spirit and with her open heart and acceptance of all beings she has created a sanctuary for the healing.  EAL Co-Facilitator Susan´s love for all beings is deeply felt and she is very giving of herself to help others. Susan often speaks of a desire to help children and have that be a part of her life experience.This Duo is extremely powerful and I fully support and endorse their goals and objectives of Ravenheart Farms of helping all people who desire change in their lives while using the horses and farm to do so. Ravenheart offers an opportunity to Saskatchewan and beyond to search for the souls that have gone missing from within us. Love and Light to all!