The Visitor

By Robin Newman

A light wind carries a leaf, store ambulance simple and green
Across Saskatchewan Prairies to a place that has to be seen
It is here that this story will endeavor to start
A place of horses and spirituality, for sale a place known as Ravenheart.

A flag of every country, ask provides a welcome sign
As simple green leaf takes a breath, from its traveling time
A farmhouse, a barn of red, a tree with birds in flight
Simple green leaf knows this will be a place, to really excite.

Blowing into a field, where horse and human bond
Simple leaf looks on to a sight that to it, is fond
People of all ages caring together and creating a haven
Horses named Rosie, Sugar, Brownie, Lacey, Mystic and Raven.

Quack, quack says a well known bird
Along a waterside trail, their chattering can be heard
Simple green leaf flies like a boat just set sail
Drifting in awe, through the enchanting woodland trail

A bark in the air, makes simple leaf fall on some logs
Crashing through the shrub, in play, two terrific dogs
Polly and Charlie charge through the wood
One black, one white, both covered in mud

Coming to a fence, simple green leaf spies a child smiling with pride
Honest emotion means a walk with horse is a glide
Equine assisted learning, child and horse
Overcoming barriers, with courage, as they ace the guided course

A paint brush, platted knots with bells that ding
Turning a rusting wheel into the most amazing thing
Knotted trees make a fence and artful piece
A creative time for all present, with seemingly simple ease

A bluster of air pushes the leaf through the farms heart
On a kitchen table it sits, with cakes, books and art
A clock with hands of sun and moon
Tells the simple leaf, that to leave, it will be soon.

Viewing the garden last, pumpkins galore
Wandering what other organic treasures Mother Earth has in store
With a strong gust, simple green leaf, flies light and airy
Sad to leave, it is lightly caught by a passing fairy

They tell tales of mystical adventures that occur throughout the year
Of how time moves slow, for those that pass through here
Simple green leaf drifts away, happy to learn
That at Ravenheart Farms, all are always, welcome to return.

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