Words from our participants, visitors & clients…

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  •  “The natural setting was amazing, the ambiance was warm and welcoming, the facilitators were caring and nurturing, the food was fantastic, and the animals added wonderful dimensions to the experiential and existential,  portions of the program”
  •  “As an individual, and a group member, I felt supported and encouraged throughout the weekend retreat, especially by the facilitators, but also by the other participants”
  •  “As facilitators, you created a peaceful, caring environment for reflection, and also gave us multiple stimuli (verbal, on paper, with objects and with the animals) for exploration and introspection – a truly delightful balance of elements – I loved the activities in the program, especially with the horses”  Horses, Spirit & Nature Women’s Retreat – July 2014

Horses, Spirit & Nature…“It truly was one of the most fulfilling“retreats/workshops/events” that I have ever participated in, so again I thank you.” Horses, Spirit & Nature participant – July 2014

“Carol, accompanied by Saskia, the horses, the dogs and cats:  Thank you for creating a sacred space where troubled spirits can find sanctuary, even if only temporarily.  Your kindness, support and caring helped to provide me with a sense of healing and peace that are balm for the soul.  This experience has provided me with the foundations for building a healing place of peace in my heart, one that I will carry with me and use to soothe myself in times of trouble.”


“As recommended by Oprah on her show we watched together the other day, I started a grateful journal book and you are everyday at the top of my list. Thank you for having been on my road, for hosting, for caring, for listening, for teaching, for letting things happen. No mountains here, but so much love, and so many opportunities to learn, to open, to experience. I wanted to volunteer at your farm to learn about ponies, and I did. But I also learnt so much about life and about myself.  Ravenheart was a perfect final point of my 9 months around the world trip. I’m very grateful for everything that happened here and that I’ll keep in myself for a lifetime.  Hanging out with your ponies and doggies, planting the seeds on the earth, attending Barb’s workshop, meeting the kids from Yellow Quill, ……. the muskrat, driving the old truck, participating in P.A.R..T.Y., visiting Batoche and eating bannock. I could list a thousand things I loved to do here. I’ll miss Ravenheart, but as I read it on a wall of the old hospital: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened!” I’m going home with so many great memories, a few tears and a lot of great laughs. I hope you’ll visit my farm in France someday!” OL (Wwoofer/traveller from France)

Highly recommended – When you drive through the gates at Ravenheart Farms all the pressures of the world are left right there and then. Then, you meet Carol who, in turn, introduces you to her wonderful horses. It is a total release of your limiting beliefs as she shares her wisdom and warmth with all who gather. Proud to have them as neighbors and more importantly friends. Ravenheart Farms is a must for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves.W.B.This is a really great place to go and get in touch with nature, and just soak up the quiet and love from all things. I always enjoy spending time with the people and animals at this place. It’s good for the soul. KAN

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I have been to many ancient wonders of the world, and I have experienced many types of healing and stayed on various farms. No place has touched me like this one, reminding me that it is not really the place that is important, but the values that we are holding in our hearts. There are many beautiful places and wise people in the world, but at Ravenheart the beautiful place becomes the wisdom within, and this is free and abundant for us all. Ravenheart is an unexpected nest, made out of love, peace, and time, in which people come to lay their inner knowing. We are just friends (animal, plant, and human) coming together at Ravenheart Farms to support one another in moving forward.


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“Thank you for creating a sacred space where troubled spirits can find sanctuary, even if only temporarily. Your kindness, support and caring helped to provide me with a sense of healing and peace that are balm for the soul. This experience has provided me with the foundations for building a healing place of peace in my heart, one that I will carry with me and use to soothe myself in times of trouble.”

 Horses, Spirit & Nature participant

Melva & SugarCarol, I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful, unforgettable time at Ravenheart. It´s even been more special than I had imagined – it was like entering a different world – a world that has opened its doors to me, a world where there´s light and love and where dreams do come true.  Thank you for the absolute privilege of spending time with your horses. What a gift they are to share with others. I came ready to learn, heal and grow and thought I could only do that through tears and pain. Instead I found out I could grow and heal and learn through fun, love and laughter – not pain! Thank you for showing me that! “I love Brownie!”
-Horses, Spirit & Play Participant


Connection with mind, body and spirit. Life enriching. Freedom of speech encouraged. Listening deeply and collaborating, clarifying.
-Horses, Spirit & Play Participant

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I can´t begin to tell you how my time at Ravenheart has changed me. I was able to make a connection with myself that I never seemed to be able to reach. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to ´find that´ in myself. -Workshop Participant  


 Hello, my name is Charley Edwards. I have been working with CTRC for the past six years teaching Life Skills groups and doing workshops with many First Nations people throughout our province. I have worked at One Arrow, Gordons and Muskowekwan. The name given to me by my Teacher is Spirit Wolf and I am honoured to practice traditional ways and teachings.I have experienced the gentle learning environment of Ravenheart Farms and highly recommend the EAL program. I have stayed with Carol while I was teaching at Humboldt and was able to observe in great detail her calm and peaceful way of working with people and horses. Carol and Co-facilitator, Susan, are simply gifted spirits.There is no more wonderful a place or more spirit based people to support the awakening of young hearts and minds than through an EAL experience at Ravenheart Farms.

I have experienced the gift of EAL and it is sweet…
Thank you for allowing me this opportunity…Namaste


During my participation at Primal Fire and Horses, Spirit and Play I witnessed Carol being a careful facilitator of the exercises in which they use the horses and all other equipment and workshop space.

With Carol’s leadership and guidance, full instructions are given so every being is safe during the drills. Carol has many years of experience with horses and I feel that she knows her herd well enough that if there was a chance of danger, she could sense that.Carol allows the people to learn from their experiences at the farm and she has grace and tact when it comes time to have the participants identify their own information from what the exercises just showed them. She can use her intuitiveness to her advantage while the exercises are being performed and she is always willing to allow spirit to guide her which provides flexibility in the day. My experience with Carol is always inspiring as she leads with her heart to teach the ones who stand in her presence. She is an exceptional listener which is needed in order to help others learn their own language.Carol has always been the grounding presence for spirit and with her open heart and acceptance of all beings she has created a sanctuary for the healing.EAL Co-Facilitator Susan´s love for all beings is deeply felt and she is very giving of herself to help others. Susan often speaks of a desire to help children and have that be a part of her life experience.This Duo is extremely powerful and I fully support and endorse their goals and objectives of Ravenheart Farms of helping all people who desire change in their lives while using the horses and farm to do so. Ravenheart offers opportunity to Saskatchewan and beyond to search for the souls that have gone missing from within us. Love and Light to all!

By Andy & Cathy McAnally

Friends gather here and pause
Take in the sacred country charm
Cast your doubts away at Ravenheart Farms
Feel safe, feel wanted, at Ravenheart

And when you go to Ravenheart

Equine delights unfold

Let the horses heal your troubled soul
Feel safe, feel wanted, at Ravenheart

ChorusWhere Mystics go when the full moon shines
With the healing horses we’ll spend our time
at Ravenheart
We’ll gather there with likewise minds
And open our awareness to the Divine
at Ravenheart

She has a vision she wants to share
Feel the love and feel the care
While gathering in the moonlights glare
Feel safe, feel wanted at Ravenheart

Ravenheart is calling me, it’s calling me
Horses don’t judge or presume
So we’ll gather there at the next full moon
Feel Safe, Feel Wanted at Ravenheart

ChorusNote: Mystics & Moonlight is held monthly at Ravenheart Farms – as a informal gathering to share various healing modalities such as the benefits of Reflexology, Reiki, Angel Card readings, BodyTalk, healing herbs, wellness and healthy food choices, nature-based therapies, etc.view of horses from office

What Ravenheart means to my heart.

Over two half years ago, I spoke with a very caring & compassionate woman over the phone. She listened to my grief and my desire to move beyond my grief. I also expressed my heart–felt dreams of working with horses and healing.One beautiful, sunny morning, I began a new journey of self–discovery and inspiration to go on with life. I met Carol for the very first time and her extraordinary, troop of horses. I was able to share my grief for the loss of my husband in a very safe haven.My first time in the round pen, was with Carol´s mare; “Sugar”. Such a sweet mare, that hovered around me and said to me  in her horse way. “you are safe here”. Many times, over the last couple of years I have gone to Sugar with all that I feel. She has never let me down and has continued to listen to all that is within me.Over time, my desire to leave my career at the newspaper grew stronger and stronger. September of 2008, left my job as a newspaper manager and packed my bags, leaving my former life behind. I moved to Prince Albert to obtain my first level in Equine Assisted Learning.I eventually moved to Humboldt, Sk, January 31 of 2009. My desire was and still is to work with Carol at Ravenheart farms and work with children and adults that also need that safe haven to flourish and grow.sugar and woman

by Bliss Drive Review