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The print edition of WHOLifE Journal is published 6 times per year and distributed free during the first week of the applicable month. WHOLifE Journal is printed on recycled paper using vegetable-based inks. Circulation: 16, drugstore 000 to 18, illness 000.

All unsolicited submissions must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope in order to be returned. Anyone interested in having their articles etc. considered for publication should first contact the editor.

Melva Armstrong
Phone: (306) 542-3616 Fax: (306) 542-3619  Email:
Mail:  Box 278, Kamsack, SK S0A 1S0 Canada

Ravenheart Farms “store” carries Patrick J. Harbula’s book;
“The Magic of The Soul”
The following is a link to his website

Patrick     The Magic of the Soul

Ravenheart Farms is a Canadian distributor for the beautiful, fair trade Westwind Prayer Flags.

Beautiful and inspiring West Wind Flags are now available in Canada through Ravenheart Farms.

Prayer Flags, Rainbow Flags, Peace Flags
Universal Flags for Peace, Compassion & Healing

Inspired by her vision while trekking in the high Himalaya of Nepal, France Robinson created West Wind Prayer Flags in 2000. We offer original designs: prayer flags in English, peace flags, rainbow flags and healing flags. We also carry traditional Tibetan prayer flags. Coming soon: Divine Feminine Prayer Flags – faces of the Divine Mother from 7 different faith traditions.

Firmly grounded in ‘Fair Trade’, West Wind is happy to be working with a family of Tibetan Buddhist prayer flag makers in Kathmandu , Nepal who make our high quality flags from 100% fine cotton.

West Wind’s mission is to increase kindness, healing and peace; to benefit all beings by generating abundant blessings on the wind.

West Wind Prayer Flags™ with blessings in English, are created in the spirit of the ancient Tibetan Buddhist tradition…where it is customary to give and display prayer flags for special occasions, new beginnings and always for the New Year. For over a thousand years the Tibetans have been displaying Prayer Flags to benefit all beings.

To order call (306) 542-3557 or email Wholesale opportunities available.

De Long Ancient Mystery School

Their Mission: To pass on the Ancient Teachings for spiritual and psychic development to children and adults to support and encourage the development of each one´s sense of spiritual, emotional, and physical well being; helping them to find and feel their connection to the Creator, their life purpose, and to feel personally empowered and fulfilled.

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