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Chocolate & HorsesWintertime Fun for Women & Horses!

 What, malady you may ask, store can you expect during our day-long retreat, look Chocolate & HorsesWintertime Fun for Women & Horses? After all you may say, chocolate is an indulgence isn’t it? And what could that possibly have to do with horses? Or, I love horses, but I’m a bit afraid of them, and I don’t really “get” what equine assisted learning is all about.

Well, to answer your questions, firstly, we’ll serve fair trade, organic dark chocolate, and this kind of chocolate is actually a superfood! Secondly, connecting with horses can improve your mood, your overall well-being, and through various equine-assisted learning exercises and activities, shift patterns in your life, relationships, or limiting thoughts that are keeping you stuck. For example, here are testimonials shared by two Horses, Spirit & Play workshop participants:

“I can´t begin to tell you how my time at Ravenheart has changed me. I was able to make a connection with myself that I never seemed to be able to reach. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to ´find that´ in myself, with the help of the horses”.

 “Horses – connection with mind, body and spirit. Life-enriching. Freedom of speech encouraged. Listening deeply and collaborating, clarifying.”

  • There will be time for you to relax, connect, and rejuvenate in the fresh country air, at your own pace and choice of activities
  • An introduction to our horses and ponies, in a way that feels safe & comfortable for you
  •  A chance to learn about the benefits of connecting with horses for enhancing your self-awareness, relationships, and healing
  •  A unique and fun experience to share with your grandma, mom, sister, daughter, niece, or girlfriend(s)
  • Enjoy fair trade, organic coffee & dark chocolate, and a mostly organic healthy, hot meal at lunch with a variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options





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